First Time Housing


L’ Eau Bayou is committed to building a more peaceful and verdant community for the moderate population to live in safety, health, and peace. We bring dreams to life, by creating housing that is next generation in quality, resiliency, and beauty for our first time home buyers. L ‘Eau Bayou ensures you are provided the best building solution available today.

The combination of rising energy requirements and rising fuel costs, mean that we need to make the most of building technology to heat and cool our homes.  This requires a whole building approach to design, which L’ Eau Bayou Foundation Partner builders have been doing for many years. Insulated concrete forms are energy efficient construction materials that provide maximum comfort and
energy solutions for the first time buyer entire home. Only energy efficient construction materials provide up to 50% energy savings compared to traditional building methods using wood.  This is the L’ Eau Bayou Housing guarantee!

L’ Eau Bayou ensures that all housing withstands high winds, fire, the elements and the test of time. L’ Eau Bayou partners with builders that use materials that guarantee a first time home buyer a structure that has very high impact resistance and will withstand winds of up to 3000 mph ensuring the family and home are safe and secure in almost any situation.

Because of this efficient and high standard of construction, the waste generated by the new construction site is very minimal and is eco-friendly.

Please be part of the innovation class of DONORS and help us revitalize communities:

  • with infield building
  • create communities that age gracefully
  • retain curb appeal as when first built
  • protect first time home buyers from foreclosing because their home is very
    low maintenance and fire proof

Please support this initiative by donating today. The cost of construction for the 1400 sq ft home (3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths) is approximately $100/sq ft which offers duct less air and heating system, granite counters throughout the home and window sills to assist in low maintenance and durability. Bricks on outer walls from ground to roof and much more amenities that focus on curb appeal, low maintenance, and durability. Additional homeowner benefits is a useful kitchen that is easy and inviting, with ample storage space. A
laundry area, mud room, and garage.


All donations are appreciated and especially re-occurring annual partnership plan. For all donors that generously provide $75,000 and over will have a space in the home named after them. All Donations $150,000 and over will have a building named after them. A bronze plaque with the desired inscription will be placed in a ceremony with officials of the area, for each donor and placed on the building. All donors are also welcome to attend the ribbon cutting and moving-in ceremony of the family.

We offer many ways for donors to participate in marketing activities, one very easy manner is by placing your logo on our site that is linked directly to your site. This makes sure all people interested are directly led back to you for business or other activities you wish to promote.

All donors of all amounts are able to track the building progress, through our very talented video producer who has his own drone, and time lapse photography techniques. These visual pictures are made available on our site, Youtube, and various social media outlets. Of course, we also keep in touch via email and phone if you allow us to.

Many Ways To Donate

Your contribution provides homeless elderly and families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.