Housing Rental


Recent research demonstrates that having a decent, stable, and affordable home provides more than shelter.

This home provides important benefits:

  • for children’s socio-emotional development and well-being
  • profound health affects for people of all ages
  • an important platform for economic success.

Why we build to exacting LEED platinum standards using such products as ICF (insulated concrete block), engineered roof, soundproofing between floors and so on. We have the highest energy efficiency possible so that our 3 bedrooms 3 bath apartments (1400 sqft) cost less than $70 a month in energy use all year. This type of construction also greatly reduces structural fire hazard (lowers insurance costs), vermin and noise.

The Foundation invests in this initiative because it is proven through many studies, in order to stabilize communities and first-time homeowners, need quality of construction which guarantees very low maintenance costs, allows moderate families of all types to live within their means in safety and great health. High-quality construction stabilizes families and of course, communities retain their street appeal.

Looking at many Bi-partisan reports, in order to meet the next generation of housing needs; the fluctuation of Society is continuing to deliver dramatic demographic shifts for the coming decades, as the share of the population over 65 grows, as family structure changes, and as income stability and growth is less certain.

For these very reasons, L’ Eau Bayou Foundation has embarked on a program of lot acquisition in order to provide the next generation of housing for tenant living.

Please support this initiative by donating today. The cost of construction is at $80.35 a sq ft which offers a duct less air and heating system, granite counters, window sills to assist in low maintenance and durability, bricks on outer walls from ground to roof and many more amenities that focus on curb appeal, low maintenance, and durability.

Undersupply of housing and especially quality housing, affects low-income households the hardest. 80% pay more than a third of their income for rent, leaving less for food, healthcare, and education. Moderate and middle income households increasingly face a similar burden today as housing standards are not adequate and the cost of maintenance continues rising on the current housing stock.


All donations are appreciated and especially re-occurring annual partnership plan. For all donors that generously provide $57,000 and over will have an apartment named after them. All donations $250,000 and over will have a building named after them. A bronze plaque with the desired inscription will be placed in a ceremony with officials of the area, for each apartment and for the building.

We offer many ways for donors to participate in marketing activities, one very easy manner is by placing your logo on our site that is linked directly to your site. This makes sure all people interested are directly led back to you for business or other activities you wish to promote.

All donors of all amounts are able to track the building progress, through our very talented video producer who has his own drone, and time lapse photography techniques. These visual pictures are made available on our site, Youtube, and various social media outlets. Of course, we also keep in touch via email and phone if you allow us to.

Many Ways To Donate

Your contribution provides homeless elderly and families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.