Our Mission



L’ Eau Bayou Foundation sustains two tracks; first, housing (rentals and first time home buyers) to moderate/low income households and second, assist all in the achievement of life skills in workforce development, economic self-sufficiency, emphasizing math and logic skills.


L’ Eau Bayou Foundation Vision is to provide “hands on” experience to those participating in the Life Skill learning opportunities (including case management), job placement and training opportunities in green, highly energy efficient construction methods through our housing building program ( designed to protect and enhance the environment).

Community Impact

L’ Eau Bayou Foundation through partnerships with local foundations and business owners create following impact for all Community members:

  • Workforce, that is prepared, willing and able to work
  • Citizens prepared to retain employment leading to self-sufficiency which attains life goals
  • Increase in first time home owners through our housing programs
  • Neighborhoods retaining CURB appeal which maintain asset wealth due to the latest in LEED PLATINUM standard construction materials
  • Citizens ready to participate in environmental conservation and realize everyday need for energy preservation

Many Ways To Donate

Your contribution provides homeless elderly and families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.