Our Story

Our Story

The solution to Homelessness among the elderly and families is in each of us participating in our community The L’Eau Bayou Foundation promise.

L’ Eau Bayou Foundation is founded to help those forgotten in our community strive to improve their employment potential and ultimately become the community future leaders.  To do this, our foundation provides services in a range of skill areas including:

 • Job skills training
• Career development support
• Entrepreneurship and small business creation
• Homeownership
• Life Skill and Financial literacy which emphasizes asset building and management

We provide pathways for our participants to develop the economic mobility to move out of present circumstances. No one service can address the many challenges people left behind face — we believe that success comes from participation and achievement in four areas: Assets, Income, Wellness, and Connections.

In order to provide sustainable training program l’ Eau Bayou Foundation is requesting funds for purchasing property of 2500sf which includes the following: remodel of rooms, building ICF standard wing providing an additional 2400sf of office space, guest speaker quarters, bathrooms, kitchen classrooms, social spaces for fundraising and young adults socializing location representing a total of $645,000 in funds. PLEASE DONATE!


L’ Eau Bayou Foundation financial services help participants build the assets they need to achieve economic mobility. In addition to workshops to help participants gain a solid understanding of the issues that impact their financial health.  Financial Partners volunteers provide a customized set of services helps participants accomplish their individual financial goals, and partners with them to explore financial products and connect them to other services that promote prosperity. Guidance for credit repair, credit building, debt repayment, household budgeting and starting a business.


L’ Eau Bayou Foundation assist the forgotten residents in low-income communities career services are designed to help our participants build a career that will provide them with the resources they need to achieve their long-term goals. We help participants find employment to meet their immediate needs while building the skills and network to launch a meaningful career.


L’ Eau Bayou Foundation provide wellness education workshops, with Partners, help participants learn to advocate for their needs.


L’ Eau Bayou Foundation with people in our communities provide the forgotten, social connections not only to secure employment but to help buffer a set-back should an unexpected life event occur, like a lost job or a health issue. Each participants by strengthening their own financial, social and health situation, emerge ready to act as leaders in the community, and civic life. Their personal successes have a ripple effect, benefiting their family and the broader community.

Support by Donations

Your contribution provides homeless elderly and families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.