Training Programs


Our mission is to train and educate the under-served and under-represented communities; to work with students of all ages to enable them to become our next home buyers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Through teaching financial well-being, students gain respect for themselves and helps

Through teaching financial well-being, students gain respect for themselves and helps create for them the ability to make their own decisions.

Training method: We use the base concept of HUD (Housing Urban Development), FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) approved financial courses, along with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace concepts so they learn how to better succeed financially, meeting them at their level of knowledge. We work with each student, helping them to create their own goal based on their individual needs. We include the philosophy behind the “7 Habits of highly successful people” and the experience of 90 plus years accumulated by our professors. To those young at heart we include the great philosopher Dr. Seuss advice and suggestions.

Our goal is to impact at least 90 students each session (fall schedule, winter schedule, and summer schedule.) We will offer up to 4 classes per week with no more than 15 students per class. The sessions will last 12 weeks and will be in the evening unless we
have a large enough group to make up a morning or noon day session. Counseling one on one will be done as needed. The Total classes we wish to offer, is 4 classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday per 12 sessions (including in the summer). This represents a total amount of citizens and community members we touch per yearly basis at approximately 540 per neighborhood in which course is offered.

What Student are saying

 “I am learning to pay bills in  more effective manner.”

 ” I am learning to save for yourself first above all!”

“We are learning to save and have great credit.”

“Learning how to budget needs and wants!”

“Finding out about planned expenditures.” 

“I am learning to keep track of my expenses!”


  • Rent of space for classes
  • Student and teacher supplies (paper, study booklet, pencils and, pens)
  • Teachers and teacher aid
  • Portable Technology; laptop, projector, whiteboards, screen, sound system
  • Snacks
  • Certificates of Achievement and recognition gifts for student who have attended
    all the classes


Each teacher will monitor the progress of the students and complete reports needed to
keep track, as the student moves on from the program

  • Student demographics
  • Monitor students’ progress throughout the course
  • Keep track of all information needed for the GRANTORS required
    reports for any money granted
  • Conduct an end of course survey to determine effectives
  • Habla Español


  • Impact on the Community
  • Better renters
  • Future home buyers
  • Trust in the banking systems to start savings account for future projects
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Local civic leaders and better citizens
  • Provide a pool of employees that are responsible and devoted to giving their
    best to local employers

Project Sustainability:

  •  Through the generosity of the local community businesses we have the classes
  • Donations
  • Grants

Our students are referred through state and local government agencies/offices, community organizations, churches, and word of mouth. We already have the first classes full.

L’ Eau Bayou team will attain minimum 540 students per year pass the courses in the first 2 years and become new members of the community. Eventually, as the partnerships mature and increase 1,000+ students pass the training which is basically one on one relationship.


All donations are appreciated and especially re-occurring annual partnership plan. For all donors that generously provide $82,000 and over will have exclusive access to all the sessions throughout the year. The progress of the classes and the speakers who come deliver their backstory will be made available via video if the donor cannot attend.

We offer many ways for donors to participate in marketing activities, one very easy manner is by placing your logo on our site that is linked directly to your site. This makes sure all people interested are directly led back to you for business or other activities you wish to promote.

All donors of all amounts are able to track the building progress, through our very talented video producer who has his own drone, and time lapse photography techniques. These visual pictures are made available on our site, Youtube, and various social media outlets. Of course, we also keep in touch via email and phone if you allow us to.

Many Ways To Donate

Your contribution provides homeless elderly and families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.